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Project Description

NWSGI is a .NET implementation of the Python WSGI specification for IronPython and IIS. This makes it easy to run Python web applications on Windows Server.

What is WSGI?

WSGI is a Python standard for implementing the interface between web servers and web applications. See PEP 333 for all of the gory details.

WSGI forms the foundation of modern Python web frameworks like Pylons, CherryPy, and Django. Unfortunately, IronPython needs some more time to mature to be capable of running there frameworks, but progress is being made.

What is NWSGI?

NWSGI is an implementation of the Python WSGI spec (other implementations include wsgiref and mod_wsgi). NWSGI is implemented in .NET as an ASP.NET 2.0 HttpHandler that embeds IronPython.


The goal of NWSGI is to make Python application an equal player on Windows Server. NWSGI allows the integration of Python applications with existing ASP.NET facilities such as caching, sessions, and user management. Python applications can co-exist with and exploit the infrastructure of existing ASP.NET applications and web farms.

NWSGI includes a management UI extension for IIS 7 that enables graphical and command line administration of NWSGI through IIS 7's fantastic administration capabilities.


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