PATH_INFO not populated properly in wildcard


When wildcard tag is NOT used, environ['PATH_INFO'] is populated properly (shows complete unconsumed URI tail). When i use the wildcard, all I get in environ['PATH_INFO'] is scriptname.wsgi with nothing after it.


Relevant web.config section:
  <wildcard physicalPath="C:\path_here\hello.wsgi" callable="application" />
    <path path="C:\bin\ironpython\Lib" />
    <path path="C:\bin\ironpython\DLLs" />
    <path path="C:\bin\ironpython" />
    <path path="C:\bin\ironpython\Lib\site-packages" />
def application(environ, start_response):
 start_response('200 OK', [('Content-type','text/plain')])
 for key in sorted(environ.keys()):
     yield '%s = %s\n' % (key, unicode(environ[key]).encode('utf8') )
the URI (hello.wsgi is in the root of the "site"):

Uncommenting the "wildcard" tag and running URI in the browser gives the following (in my oppinion good) settings:
PATH_INFO = /asdf/qwre/zxcv.wsgi
QUERY_STRING = key=value
SCRIPT_NAME = /hello.wsgi

With wildcard tag UNcommented (which runs the same exact hello.wsgi), running same URI gives (in my oppinion wrong) settings:

PATH_INFO = hello.wsgi
QUERY_STRING = key=value

I tried two version of NWSGI: "nwsgi-2.0.zip" and "nwsgi-2.0-clr4.zip"

My guess is that in wildcard mode I am missing some additional config that makes IIS pass the remaining portion of the matched URI back to the script. Any idea how I can make it work?

(Windows 7) IIS 7, Integrated mode. (Errors in Classic mode)


jdhardy wrote Jun 16, 2010 at 7:54 AM

Can you attach your complete web.config file, or even a zip of the whole site? I tried to reproduce this but I get sensible results in wildcard mode.